An obvious way to get the most out of your Microsoft environment

Your employees are your greatest assets and putting them at the heart of your business strategy creates value. Successful onboarding of new talent, seamless communications, engaging promotion of company culture and better orchestration of daily activities make the difference between a happy, productive employee and a disengaged, ready-to-leave employee. SmartWorkplace optimizes your Microsoft environment with powerful integrations to maximize adoption.

An engaging digital experience

Smart WorkPlace provides a seamless, personalized experience for all employees from day one, whether they are in the office, on the road or in the field. With Smart WorkPlace, field teams have access to the latest company news, resources and key information related to their profile without even a Microsoft 365 license.

Innovation supported by collective intelligence

Create a personalized work environment and a next-generation employee experience platform to inspire staff to be their best, maximize human potential, and encourage sustainable behavior change. That's what this innovation is all about, supported by this collective intelligence.

Generalization of new management methods

The experience in the work environment that the Smart WorkPlace offers (In the process of digital transformation) is a framework that brings together IT, HR, and business line leaders to drive sustainable value and adopt a more resilient, agile, and people-centric approach

From this point of view, digital transformation makes it possible to be global:

  • By having a systemic approach that links processes, IT and the organization,
  • And to be guided by the discovery of customer expectations, in terms of quality of experience and perceived value,
  • And to be facilitated by a more agile information system that supports the rapid iterations necessary to develop a learning organization supported by these new managerial methods.

Search for better collaboration and more fluid and unstructured communication

The digital transformation irrigates the societal ecosystem and the collaboration between employees. It not only impacts the way a company communicates with its environment, but also directly influences its organization and its activity. This digital transformation has proven to be both organizationally and productively effective: it breaks down silos as soon as it converges data; it drives cross-functional and innovative operations (inter-departmental collaboration, etc.); it leads to new modes of development (channel integration); and it breaks down the compartmentalization of the company's services and production points.