This strategic partnership, The keystone of a winning Africa!

In the digital age, companies can no longer work in isolation and decide to handle everything on their own. This way of thinking is counterproductive. Today, it is a question of engaging in research actions to innovate, to develop the marketing of an African label and to access an unparalleled technological expertise. Understanding these challenges, TransNumerik and Virtual City have decided to sign a strategic partnership, the keystone for a winning Africa. This partnership carried by the African Transformation Office, aims to address the needs of industrial players or others in perpetual search of innovative solutions offering a significant impact on their growth and development of their potential.

Under the partnership, the solution called HEWANI automates all sales orders, inventory and payments from the warehouse to the retailer to the end consumer. HEWANI manages the productivity of all sales force personnel and assets. This ATO-supported partnership is one of many initiatives launched by this Microsoft arm across Africa.

As a reminder, Virtual City is a technology company that develops and delivers supply chain automation solutions in East Africa.