Word from the General Manager

It is with great pleasure and honor that TransNumerik is Microsoft Partner of the Year 2022 In Cote d’Ivoire and Senegal. In the last year, we have provided the full spectrum of IT services and consulting for various industries. Our customers get full-featured solutions and business opportunities instead of just projects. Awards are both validation of and vindication of the tireless work that has gone into our work, our craft, our personalized solutions and our brand. This is a family achievement.
Mody Oury Barry

Like I usually say to my TransNumerik family ”Do better each day, with team. Take time to celebrate” this achievement was built everyday by the work of our experts. Now, we can take the time to celebrate. Celebrate the fact that now, this award position us to take more challenges, more responsibilities and more businesses’ first choice when it comes to simplifying your digital transition. TransNumerik is your “preferred partner”. We are born ready. Ready to make Africa the next digital powerhouse. Sky is only the beginning for us and our clients. We are TransNumerik.


Together, let's unleash your digital potential!

Mody-Oury Barry
Président Directeur général de TransNumerik


About our team of experts

In the era of digital transformation, we act as an ally for African businesses by offering products and services that allow them to automate their operations.

With our team of experts, we support your business with planning, maintenance, and monitoring needs for your supply chain. We guide you towards your success whether you are in the manufacturing sector, transport & logistics, energy, or hotel and services.

"To be your strategic technological partner in your digital transformation and to support you facing challenges of the Industry 4.0, thanks to the implementation of our integrated technologies adapted to your needs."

Nos valeurs qui reflètent notre culture de gagneur


Give everything we have relentlessly and aggressively for successful results.


A cultural, regional and expertise melting pot to ensure the success of the most complex projects.


Provide end-to-end proximity to explore high value-added solutions to our partners' challenges.


To give a sense of rigor to everyone's work and a common goal to the whole team to win the greatest reward: customer satisfaction.


Doing what we say and saying what we do to build a long-term relationship with each of our partners.


Our expertise in IT

Our strength is to offer your business solutions designed for your growing needs. Our team with expertise in information and communications technology (ICT) will help you navigate through new technologies and consider those that are more adapted to your business needs.

Our motto is to ensure the success of our clients, which is why we are constantly on the lookout for new technologies. Thanks to our know-how in software creation, we develop solutions that meet the realities of the organizations. We also offer personalized support, allowing your organization to have all the necessary tools to ensure the success of your digital transformation. TransNumerik is your one-stop-shop for all your cloud computing and infrastructure management needs.

Building a network of partners

Our goal is to accelerate the digital shift of African businesses. Thanks to our network of partners, we are able to facilitate this process for these companies. We are thrilled to work alongside EasyTech Africa, African Consortium for Information Technology, ADNM and SIP.

We believe that there is strength in unity and your complementary expertise helps ensure the success of your organization. Join our network of partners and contribute to the development and growth of African organizations.