🎉 Célébrons les 25 ans du groupe Activa!

It's not every day that a company celebrates a milestone as important as its 25th anniversary. The Activa Group has achieved this remarkable feat under the leadership of Founder and Group Chairman Richard Lowe. To mark 25 years of excellence in the industry, many companies were invited, including TransNumerik.

Looking back, it's clear that TransNumerik's commitment to African excellence, integrity, rigor and passion are the keys to lasting success. TransNumerik praises the modest beginnings to continental recognition of the Activa group carried by the vision Mr. Richard Lowe.

The story of Activa Group began many years ago when an entrepreneur, Richard Lowe, had the idea of revolutionizing insurance in Africa. What began as a modest investment has grown into a dominant force in the industry, with several offices in Africa. This is an inspiration to all Africans. We recognize not only its longevity in the industry, but also the fundamental values we uphold have made the Activa group an outstanding player in the insurance field.

Ce fut l’occasion d’une visite de travail Ă  toute l’équipe pour renforcer notre lien, partager nos succès mutuels et discuter des dĂ©fis passionnants Ă  venir. C’est aussi une opportunitĂ© de renforcer notre culture de proximitĂ©, qui est au cĹ“ur de notre entreprise.

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