Project Management Certificate Award Ceremony

9 auditors received their award for completing their Project Management training. The ceremony took place at the headquarters of the Université Virtuelle de Cote d'Ivoire (UVCI), in the presence of the TransNumerik team, the Quebec Office in Abidjan, FORTIC Group, Bel Emploi and HiCash Business Solutions. This ceremony marks a milestone not only in the lives of the auditors, but also in the certification of the basic notions of Project Management at UVCI.

"Unlike other universities, we have made employability our mainstay. And employability means entrepreneurship and business creation. So we had to equip our students with this type of training. From now on, in addition to their academic grades, UVCI students will be required to have a certificate in project management to validate their license".
Professor Koné Tiemoman
Managing Director of UVCI
"What struck me when I met the professor was his determination to make education at UVCI an impact for young people. Youth is at the heart of our shared ambitions. That's why when we decided to sign this partnership, our ambition was to provide a fulfilling and successful career path that is the fruit of a combination of effort, informed choices and developed skills."
Mody-Oury BARRY
CEO of TransNumerik

The recipients expressed their gratitude for this quality training and encouraged UVCI, TransNumerik and Fortic to continue. "All beginnings are difficult, and we're convinced that for the second cohort you'll be making elected officials, because there's a need for this training."

As a reminder, the benefits of project management certification can have a positive impact on your success in both your personal and professional life. This 100% online training course will enable you to acquire the methods and postures you need for organization, leadership and high-level thinking. The following modules have been validated:

- An Introduction to Project Management ;

- Business plan and strategy ;

- Project charter and getting started ;

- Planning, execution and closing.

The second cohort is coming soon! GET READY 😉

The ceremony video

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