When it comes to closing deals, sales teams face increasing challenges as consumers’ needs increase. Your sales staff must be informed at every step of the process, from identifying the right prospect to connecting that prospect with the right agent to closing the deal. With Dynamics 365 Sales Professional, Microsoft seeks to support businesses in modernizing sales productivity. An affordable solution, to discover without delay. It will organize your accounts and contacts, nurture your sales from start to finish, and help you develop strong customer relations. In the field of sales in general, there is no shortage of tools, but they are not always adapted to VSEs and SMEs, which need flexible, affordable and accessible software. This is exactly what Dynamics 365 Sales Professional offers, a customer relationship management solution connected to the Microsoft 365 environment, which is as intuitive and dynamic to use as the rest of the tools integrated into this platform dedicated to businesses. Let's see together the 7 advantages of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales Professional.

1. Import data easily:

Categorize external data as a single import or transfer it in batches as you need it with excel integration.

2. Easily integration:

Seamlessly integrates with Microsoft office suite to send emails, track quotes and more

3. Track by stage:

Set up rules to track opportunities. Progression to the next stage is dependent on the rules being met. Lead scoring rules can also be set up.

4. Track your competitors:

Identify who your competitors are, and create a detailed profile on their sales, opportunities, strengths and weaknesses.

5. Live sales dashboards:

Dynamics 365 presents sales dashboards in real time along with KPI graphics, charts, statistics and more to help you make informed decisions and meet deadlines.

6. Social media integration:

Dynamics365 integrates with Microsoft social listening to allow you to monitor what your prospects and clients are saying about your company on social media.

7. Manage customer events:

Track events in dynamics 365 sales with features including attendance count, registration conversion, numbers, lead registration conversion, numbers generation and automate follow up messages.

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